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DinghyGo FAQ

On this page you will find an overview of frequently asked questions. If your question is not listed, you can do so by filling in the contact form.

Why is there a patch on the bottom ?2023-02-11T18:56:12+00:00

In order to install the inflation valve in the high-pressure floor, an opening is made at the top and bottom. After mounting the valve, the opening at the bottom is closed again, then reinforced and then finished with a round piece of cloth. That’s why there is a patch

plakker op de bodemon ther bottom.

What are the pack sizes and weights ?2023-02-11T18:59:42+00:00

The DinghyGo 280 boat excluding sail-/row-kit weighs about 27 Kg (60 lb.) and requires less than 40 x 28 x 13 in. (100 x 72 x 32 cm) storage space in deflated and well packaged condition.

he DinghyGo 325 weighs about 29 Kg (64 lb.) and measures 40 x 28 x 13 in. (100 x 72 x 28 cm).

The DinghyGo 375 weighs about 32 Kg (70 lb.) and measures 40 x 28 x 15 in. (100 x 72 x 38 cm).

The DinghyGo sailing kit, consisting of the sailing rig, daggerboard, rudder and accessories weighs about 14/17 Kg (30/37 lb.) and measures 47 x 20 x 8 in. (120 x 50 x 20 cm).

Which DinghyGo accessories are available ?2023-02-12T11:30:40+00:00

Various accessories are available for all DinghyGo models. Such as:

  • Top covers to protect your DinghyGo.
  • Foldable transomwheels for easy transport of the DinghyGo.
  • Electric pumps to easily inflate your DinghyGo.
  • Snap davits to easily attach your DinghyGo to swimming platforms.
  • (Electric) outboard motors for when the wind drops or for touring.

You will find an overview of all accessories on the accessories page.

Are there spare parts available ?2023-02-12T11:34:02+00:00

You can order all spare parts online on the spare parts page. We may also ship them (quickly) to a holiday address. If necessary with assembly instructions. You can also reach us by phone (+31 (0)6 51 350 217)

Testsailing with the DinghyGo?2023-02-12T11:38:03+00:00

Testsailing with the DinghyGo?

You can test sail with us in Grou with all models.

Our storage/workshop is not located at the waterfront, we hold our trial runs at the Zeilcentrum Grou. The address:

Prinses Wilhelminastraat 3
9001 KE Grou.

Testsailing DinghyGo

These testsails are by appointment only, seven days a week, but preferably in the weekend. At the sailing center there is a café/restaurant for a snack and a drink.

Is the dinghygo suitable for children?2023-02-12T11:39:35+00:00

All DinghyGo models are ideally suited for children. The enormous stability and the simple operation contribute to this. Furthermore, the boat is a floating fender so that there is no damage in case of collisions.

Up to what wind force can DinghyGo sail ?2023-02-12T11:22:36+00:00

All DinghyGo models have excellent light weather properties. Moreover, due to the great stability, they can also handle strong winds well.

The optimum wind range is 1 to 4 Beaufort. But for advanced sailors, 5 Beaufort is no problem either.

On which waters can the DinghyGo be used ?2023-02-12T11:42:36+00:00

All DinghyGo models are suitable for both inland and coastal waters. including recreational ponds, lakes, IJsselmeer and the Mediterranean Sea. However, depending on the weather conditions.

DinghyGo’s comply with the European CE/ISO standard 6185 part 2-V category D. This means that they are suitable for sheltered waters up to wind force 4 and waves up to 30 cm high.

What outboard engine can I use with DinghyGo ?2023-02-12T11:44:35+00:00

The DinghyGo can be used with both electric and petrol outboard motors (short shaft) up to 6 HP (4.5 KW).

We have gained good experience with the (electric) Torqeedo 603S and the Torqeedo 1103CS.

Furthermore with the (petrol) SUZUKI and HONDA 2.5 HP models.

Can I suspend the DinghyGo from Yacht Davits ?2023-02-12T11:50:57+00:00

You can easily hang the DinghyGo from the davits. There are two stainless steel lifting eyes on the transom for this purpose.

Furthermore there are two stainless steel lifting eyes are fitted on the outside of the front of the hull. These also serve as attachment points for the shrouds.

We have the possibility to make suitable lifting wires (slings) for you.

Can DinghyGo be transported in a small car ?2023-02-12T11:59:19+00:00

Yes, DinghyGo can be transported in a small car, the Orca 280 even in a Smart ForTwo. If the DinghyGo does not fit in the luggage compartment, a roof rack is an option. For a car with a tow bar, the Thule Easybase 949 (www.thule.com) is a handy option.

DinghyGo in car

Can I transport DinghyGo by bike ?2023-02-12T12:12:18+00:00

Yes, there are several solutions to transport DinghyGo by bike , like the Babboe Big bicycle (www.babboe.nl) and the Burley flatbad/nomad bike trailer (www.burley.com).



Is DinghyGo delivered outside The Netherlands ?2023-02-12T12:15:12+00:00

We do not only deliver the DinghyGo’s in the Netherlands, but also worldwide.

The transport costs for the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany can be found per model in the webshop.

We will gladly make you an offer for the other countries. Send your request to info@frieslandwatersport.nl, or fill in the contact form.

We can also take care of any customs formalities for you.

What material is the DinghyGo made of ?2023-02-12T12:16:25+00:00

DinghyGo’s hull is made of Valmex from the German company Mehler. This material is one of the best in the world, very strong and with a very high UV resistance.

Is there a repair kit for DinghyGo ?2023-02-12T12:31:17+00:00

Every DinghyGo is delivered with a repair kit in the right colors as standard. With which you can repair any (not too large) leaks yourself.

If the DinghyGo has serious damage, we can repair it for you at any time.

What is the DinghyGo warranty period ?2023-02-12T12:32:37+00:00

DinghyGo comes with a warranty period of 24 months (within EU) and 12 months (outside EU).

What are the differences between the DinghyGo Nomad (275) and the later Orca 280 and further models ?2023-02-12T12:44:52+00:00

To further improve portability, design and quality, a number of changes have been made to the DinghyGo Nomad.

With the current Orca 280, the robust construction has remained the same. The main improvements are: lighter hull materials and beautifully shaped lightweight composite seat / daggerboard box, deck & mast foot holder.

This has reduced the weight of the boat and sail kit by -10 Kg (-20%). The new color of the mast and boom is silver. The new color of the mast is silver.

Furthermore, the model is equipped with a more pointed bow and deeper forefoot to improve close-hauled sailing (pointing). The original medium pressure bottom has been replaced by a high pressure (dropstich) bottom, which has further improved the sailing characteristics.

The Orca 325 and 375 models are also produced according to this design philosophy.

How can I get answers to my other questions ?2023-02-12T12:46:17+00:00

You can ask your additional questions via our contact form, by email info@frieslandwatersport.nl or by telephone +31(0)6 51 350 217. (also Whatsapp)


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