9 02 2023 02 2023

Why is there a patch on the bottom ?

2023-02-11T18:56:12+00:009 Feb 2023|

In order to install the inflation valve in the high-pressure floor, an opening is made at the top and bottom. After mounting the valve, the opening at the bottom is closed again,

11 02 2023 02 2023

What are the pack sizes and weights ?

2023-02-11T18:59:42+00:0011 Feb 2023|

The DinghyGo 280 boat excluding sail-/row-kit weighs about 27 Kg (60 lb.) and requires less than 40 x 28 x 13 in. (100 x 72 x 32 cm) storage space in deflated

12 02 2023 02 2023

Which DinghyGo accessories are available ?

2023-02-12T11:30:40+00:0012 Feb 2023|

Various accessories are available for all DinghyGo models. Such as: Top covers to protect your DinghyGo. Foldable transomwheels for easy transport of the DinghyGo. Electric pumps to easily inflate your DinghyGo. Snap

12 02 2023 02 2023

Are there spare parts available ?

2023-02-12T11:34:02+00:0012 Feb 2023|

You can order all spare parts online on the spare parts page. We may also ship them (quickly) to a holiday address. If necessary with assembly instructions. You can also reach us

12 02 2023 02 2023

Testsailing with the DinghyGo?

2023-02-12T11:38:03+00:0012 Feb 2023|

Testsailing with the DinghyGo? You can test sail with us in Grou with all models. Our storage/workshop is not located at the waterfront, we hold our trial runs at the Zeilcentrum Grou.

12 02 2023 02 2023

Is the dinghygo suitable for children?

2023-02-12T11:39:35+00:0012 Feb 2023|

All DinghyGo models are ideally suited for children. The enormous stability and the simple operation contribute to this. Furthermore, the boat is a floating fender so that there is no damage in

12 02 2023 02 2023

Up to what wind force can DinghyGo sail ?

2023-02-12T11:22:36+00:0012 Feb 2023|

All DinghyGo models have excellent light weather properties. Moreover, due to the great stability, they can also handle strong winds well. The optimum wind range is 1 to 4 Beaufort. But for

12 02 2023 02 2023

On which waters can the DinghyGo be used ?

2023-02-12T11:42:36+00:0012 Feb 2023|

All DinghyGo models are suitable for both inland and coastal waters. including recreational ponds, lakes, IJsselmeer and the Mediterranean Sea. However, depending on the weather conditions. DinghyGo’s comply with the European CE/ISO


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