Bravo BTP 12 Air pump


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The Bravo BTP 12 airpump is an electric, powerful airpump to inflate Sup’s, Kites and inflatable boats.

The pump consists of a turbine and membrane pump. The turbine inflates the boat very quickly for the most part, where after the membrane pump reaches the desired maximum pressure. (up to 1 Bar) Anders gezegd: De turbine zorgt voor het snel opblazen en de compressor doet het laaste stukje waarbij drukopbouw nodig is. After reaching the pre-set pressure, the BTP 12 switches off automatically.
he capacity of the turbine is 450 L/min, , the membrane pump reaches 125 L/min.

The BTP 12 is supplied in a carry bag . With a set adapters and a 3 metre cable to connect to a (car)battery direct or to the cigarette lighter of your car/camper.

Very robust. Guaranteed years of fun!